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From 1991 – 2004 Michelle was engaged in the process of making devised and experimental theatre/ multi-media works. She trained as a classical actress at the National Theatre School of Canada, in Montreal (91-94), and at DAMU National Theatre School in Prague (97-98). She was awarded a Fox Foundation Fellowship for this post-graduate theatre study in the Czech Republic.

Michelle trained in Japanese theatre (Noh) and dance (Butoh). She has worked with Primus Theatre (CAN) that spawns from the Odin Teatret in Denmark, which in turn derives from the investigations & teachings of Jerzy Grotowski; and Anne Bogart’s SITI Company (US). Other training includes Clown with Philip Gaulier (FR), Leah Cherniak (CAN), and Sue Morrison (CAN); and modern dance and mime (CAN, UK). All of this together has given her a wide range of skills that she has over time distilled into her own methodology for making original work.

Between 1992–99 Michelle was a member and co-director of Milkman Theatre Group. With this company she made a repertoire of original theatre works inspired by classical myths set in modern urban landscapes. She collaborated with theatre artists, dancers, musicians, and video/visual artists in Canada, New York and Prague. Her aim has always been to push the boundaries of what the art of performance is capable of being in this current culture.

In 2000, Michelle extended her work to video art. After years of working with choreography and theatrical techniques, her focus here turned towards composition within a visual art context. From 2000-2004 Michelle made a series of video works that include video poems and documentary. Her video works are in the archive at V-tape, Toronto.

In 2003-04 Michelle had internship with Meredith Monk in New York. She also worked with performance artist Lanny Harrison. These were two exceptional experiences that changed the landscape of live performance for Michelle. Combining voice/opera, video, dance/theatre and site (w Monk), and by exploring esoteric concepts and Buddhist teachings (w Harrison), her view of the possibilities within the transformational experience of performance expanded.

In 2004-06 Michelle’s art practice developed a new dimension during her MA study in Visual Performance and Time Based Art Practices at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, England. Please go to Recent Work for further information. This period includes work from 2006-2012 when Michelle was based in London, and made work across the UK and other parts of Europe. Photo and video documentation from this period are archived at Live Art Development Agency in London.

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