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The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, 2008.
St. Mary’s Churchyard and surrounding streets, Penzance, 2008.

3 hours daily for 4 days

Using fox imagery to channel and awaken the feminine sexual energy in the body. Simultaneously to raise energy in the land/environment at strategic points along the Mary Ley Line in Penzance.

This work deliberately crosses the boundary between performing inside the designated art space and outside with the land. The performer, dressed in red, begins and ends in front of a mirror in the gallery, where she adorns and takes off a headdress decorated with two real fox heads. The transformation into the fox happens in and around the mirror as the performer allows her own identity to recede. When the transformation is in progress she leaves the mirror, and then the gallery. She uses repetitive gesture and rhythmic fox cries to enter a ritual-trance state as she moves in and around the Mary Ley Line. The performance culminates each day at the sacred site of St. Mary’s Churchyard. This performance evokes a sexual celebration akin to the pagan Holy-Day of May Day.


Costume Design by Fernando Mialski / Music by Alice Kemp / Bodhrán by Ian Whitford

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