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Waterloo / Concert Hall Approach: 1-5 Feb 08
Hungerford Bridge: 6-7 Feb 08
Villiers St. / Charing Cross / The Strand: 8-10 Feb 08
Trafalgar Square: 11-15 Feb 08
Regent’s St. / Piccadilly Circus: 16-17 Feb 08
Portland Place / Regent’s Park: 18 Feb 08
Regent’s Park - Broadwalk: 19-21 Feb 08

3 hours daily for 21 days

To celebrate the pagan holiday Imbolc (Feb 2nd) which traditionally invoked the first light of a new cycle, the initial turning of winter into spring.

This work is 21-day processional performance. It investigates the interface between the sacred and the mundane. A great inspiration for this movement meditation is to encounter the general public from all walks of life, at various places throughout the city of London. Dressed in an elaborate red, white and black shamanistic garment, the performer meets the rush hour traffic invoking the mystical and poetic. She works with slow, circular gestures describing the shapes of a seed opening into flight. The rhythm of this concentrated dance deliberately juxtaposes with the straightforward focus of the nine-to-five mentality.

Costume Design by Fernando Mialski / Music by Alice Kemp

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