Recent work performance

Arnolfini, Bristol, 2010.
Old Police Station, Belfast, 2010.
La Tabacalera, Madrid, 2010.
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2010.

Various from set ritual to open duration of 2-5 hours.

To invoke the spirit of the Raven archetype. To awaken movements towards transformation and rebirth.

The performer marks a sacred space / circle. She dons a Raven headdress. As she steps into the sacred space she begins a ritual of transformation. The performer calls the spirit of the Raven into her body. She makes actions/gestures/movements to symbolically cut away the old flesh and then to ingest the old/dead body. She drums and raises the energy to alchemically transform the old into something new. The symbol of the Raven is one that stands at the threshold between death and rebirth. The final action is to wash the body with milk for purification.

Costume Design by Fernando Mialski.
Special Thanks to Sandra Johnston and Polyxeni Canditi Dalloway Stavrou for curatorial support & to Clelia Rinaldi for developmental feedback.

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