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Life and Tides and Sea and Stars, Oh great Goddess

the Beauty the Struggle. Of this New Life growing

and She Feels the way The Egg is attached to the Mother Body
the Weight of it how to Carry it Protect it Hold it
how it Feels how it Moves how it feels to move with It

the Mother and the Other the Extension the Evolution the Reaching and the Desire
Love Struggling Dancing To Be

And Later, Much Later: The Pearls and The Separation

Equilibre Theatre; Carreg Dressage, Wales, 2011.
Espace Menosuno; Madrid, Spain, 2011.
A Garden; Islington, London, 2012.
Stalignec Festival; Stalignec, Croatia, 2012.

2-5 hours

Using gesture and sound to access the deep body. To invoke Venus, goddess of beauty, birthed from the sea, star of the sky. To explore / convey the mass of pregnancy. To express waiting and preparation for birthing of the new being.

The performer marks a sacred space with fruit, figs, plums, etc. / with objects and materials from the sea. The shape is of an infinity symbol. The performer walks describing these figures of infinity. With her body and voice she calls up and directs energy, weaving together stories from the deep body mythology, whilst raising a space for transformation. She holds her pregnant egg-womb, she holds with reverence this state of new life growing. She acknowledges also the weight of bearing, and moving with this new being.


Costume Design by Fernando Mialski.
Special Thanks to Pete Tefler for developmental feedback.
& Special Thanks to Polyxeni Canditi Dalloway Stavrou for the invitation to perform with her in her project at Espace Menosuno.

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