Dartington College of Arts, 2005.
Body Parts Festival, Edinburgh, 2007.
National Review of Live Art, 2009.

Original Work – 12 hours
Variations – 3 to 5 hours

To explore bodily perception/phenomenology through repetitive actions, gestures, and contact of the female body with eggs and soil. To use long duration, and fatigue, as a way to uncover a deeper awareness / archetypical knowledge in the body. To explore metamorphosis and transformation.


Original Work
The eggs, at one end of the performance space represent fertility/reproduction. The soil, at the other end of the performance space, represents death/rebirth. The action of the performance is of a constant cycle between the eggs and soil and back again. Traces are left on the ground and on the body to indicate the passage through time.

In an excerpt from the original work, the performance isolates the work with eggs only. The performer lies next to the eggs covered in white body paint, rolling them up and down her torso between her mouth and her sex. The performance happens in rhythmic cycles. The performer works with opposing directions / inversions in the body, and of the body in space.

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  Live Performance Installation/Traces
  *Thank you to The University of Bristol Theatre Collection & The National Review of Live Art Archives.
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