Self Portrait Workshop
Using the creative tools of dancing, writing, and drawing each participant will explore Body Mythology and create a life-size Self Portrait. This is a journey of transformation and expression of Life as a fluid creative process. The harvest of this practice can be used towards performance material / research / healing / change.
Land / Cycles / City /Time
This exploratory process can be aligned with and augmented by an investigation of Place both in terms of communing with a deeper sense of Nature and natural cycles, and in the way of illuminating our relationship to landscape / cityscape in terms of understanding how we participate in the creation of modern life / culture / mythology. We might also consider our potent relationship with Time and seasonal cycles.

A Self Portrait is a reflection, a mirror through which to view and explore personal story. By alternating between modes of artistic expression: dancing, drawing, writing and sounding, we engage a special body sensitivity and intuition.

Participants explore Body Mythology by engaging with three levels of awareness: physical emotional and mental, to study specific body parts until a whole body portrait is created. Each body part (legs, arms, pelvis, rib-case, head / mask etc.) holds information that is born from the function and symbolism associated with it.

By using clear intention and meditation techniques we will journey inwards to listen, and we will express and explore in the space through movement.

Finally we will ground the mined / found material through drawing and writing in the form of aesthetic response. Participants will work solo and in partners.

We will explore the past, the present, and the future and mark keys (colours, shapes, words, symbols) onto the Self Portrait Template at the end of each chapter of exploration.

When we move and free the body to express / perform, we have the opportunity to shift and change. This process provides archetypal information for ongoing creative exploration / performance material / transformation and healing.

Further Information:
Each workshop is designed to tailor to the particular group / community / environment / occasion. Please contact for more information & please see Transformational Art Practices PDF for more information on Models of Practice

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