Work with Me

In my work I have been intrigued and stimulated to explore the body in motion and in relationship, the art of presence, and performance as a practice. A deep fascination and curiosity regarding the aspects and dimensions of character, and the evolution of identity has drawn me to work with a rich diversity of people in a myriad of contexts. I am passionate about the creation of art, strong communication and healthy relationships, leadership, and the architecture required to build pioneering actions and movements within the greater culture.

The coaching work I do is often one-to-one, though I also work with group dynamics within organisations. Each program is designed to cater to the specific needs of the individual or group. The number of sessions vary depending on each situation, though I do recommend a series of sessions over a span of time to allow for a process to unfold.

Individuals may wish to develop a greater awareness of their body for health reasons or greater mobility, others may want to explore their performance or movement practice to start the wheels turning on the creation of a new piece of work. A company may aim to focus on communication or group dynamics, or they may want to grow a new vision or mandate. Individuals or groups may seek direction to lead a public action or event. There are many ways that the art of performance, the study of personal and cultural mythology, and an attention to the body in relationship to site and duration can inspire growth, healing, and open the avenue into new territory.

Banner image credit: drawing by Misha Horacek.

Performance Making

  • Deepen a sense of presence
  • Explore the performing body in relationship to a chosen theme / context
  • Expand the palette of movement
  • Discover keys and symbols to work with
  • Locate yourself within your greater practice
  • Devise and follow stages for the creation of new work

Body Mythology

  • Connect to the 3 levels of awareness (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Explore the 7 Body Parts: legs, spine, pelvis, head, ribcase & organs, arms, abdomen
  • Choose an aspect of the body to focus on / the relationship between body parts
  • Create a full body portrait to explore personal mythology and how this links to family and culture
  • Engage the 5-part process: Identify, confront, release, change, grow

Voice & Speech

  • Deepen the awareness to your breathing rhythms
  • Cultivate a practice for relaxing the body, breath and voice
  • Grow stronger in your expression
  • Expand your capacity to make a fuller range of sound and pitch
  • Work the articulation muscles in the face and tongue for greater precision and clarity in your speaking style


  • Target areas to develop within a collective context or individual project
  • Improve communication and dynamics within work / personal relationships
  • Focus on aspects that need to be transformed
  • Streamline vision and strengthen presence
  • Grow a new season in your life / work