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To celebrate the pagan holiday Imbolc (Feb 2nd) which traditionally invoked the first light of a new cycle, the initial turning of winter into spring.



Waterloo / Concert Hall Approach: 1-5 Feb 08
Hungerford Bridge: 6-7 Feb 08
Villiers St. / Charing Cross / The Strand: 8-10 Feb 08
Trafalgar Square: 11-15 Feb 08
Regent’s St. / Piccadilly Circus: 16-17 Feb 08
Portland Place / Regent’s Park: 18 Feb 08
Regent’s Park - Broadwalk: 19-21 Feb 08


21 days


A 21-day processional performance that investigates the interface between the sacred and the mundane and seeks to encounter the general public from all walks of life, at various places throughout the city of London. Dressed in an elaborate red, white and black shamanistic garment, the performer meets the rush hour traffic invoking the mystical and poetic. She works with slow, circular gestures describing the shapes of a seed opening into flight. The rhythm of this concentrated dance deliberately juxtaposes with the straightforward focus of the nine-to-five mentality.


Costume Design by Fernando Mialski & Music by Alice Kemp
Curatorial Assistance by Natalie Waldbaum and Rebecca Weeks
Video by Clelia Rinaldi
Read peer writing about this work.

Banner photo by Anita Lasocka.




21 Days

There is a growth of light that is perceptible at the beginning of February
A window opens after the deep darkness of winter
We can see forward again, just

I wanted to immerse myself into the world of London and her people
At the beginning of the new light
At the moment of Rush Hour, as the day is dawning, at the cusp — where there might be a possible shift in perception —
At the moment when we collect and adjust our dream mind back towards the mind space routine movements
Maybe, just before that re-adjustment … There is a chink


Open this chink and spread it wider
Hold vigil here for 21 days
Introduce a pattern of circular meditative movements different from the regular habit of sharp lines with mission intent

What happens if I intervene? Just for a moment? … Position myself at the edges of vision

She, the Imbolc – we build her over many months, with Fernando
Layers upon layers of material
She is sculptural – A queen, a butterfly from another dimension,
emerging here
Calling to be inhabited

Then, as the procession began, I woke each morning at 3 a.m. and dressed for 2 hours (that is how long it took to adorn the layers) — and I made my way outside

Within the pathways in the city — I needed to feel my way, walking and listening for spaces where I could move and interweave with the public, breathing into the pulse of the tidal river Thames, and leaning towards architecture that would support me

I was looking for energy lines in the landscape … and found my route in the end, along what coincidentally matches the Bakerloo Line in the Underground


I moved over 21 days from South to North, onwards with the growing light, sometimes circling back,
retracing my steps, to move forward again

I travelled to the daily site by bus, and then began my circular invocations
Calling in slower time, cyclical time
Sweeping arms and ringing my bells
Rolling my head and swinging ample skirts

Over the weeks I moved through alcoves, sidewalks, secret gardens, squares, bridges,
parks, busy streets, quiet places, tube stations
I waited and listened to the changing city, tuning my breath with deeper rhythms

At first people rushed by me, mostly not even seeing
But over the days and weeks, I deepened and became the dance
And slowly, sometimes, people would stop
They would (sometimes) ask, consider, follow
And they would sometimes, perhaps remember.