Audience Response

These comments were written in a notebook in the gallery, during the performance of Nest: Inhabit (March 15-17, 2019).

Priestesses? Mothers? Goddesses / healers at the end of time / world – or at the beginning? Hints of Celtic, pre-Celtic culture.
On gold and red splendour – their graves?
Their temple?
Delicate, beautiful creatures – appearing fate-giving birth to works of art / babies / sacrifices to appease something frightening – important. 

Coming in as an outsider but still in one’s own “capsule”
Feeling as though an intruder / spy …
Opening up … 


I love the ‘space’ in this work - the still objects juxtaposed with the moving bodies. The cube-like space structures the unruly. There is something about the two bodies moving separately but together in the space that made me reconsider every little movement especially during the slow moving.

Very Powerful!
Expression of the feminine rebirth, different energies – calm/crazy, nature/brutal, surgery.

I came in at what appeared to be a moment of hysteria and was glad to leave when some sort of healing and tenderness was taking place. 

Disturbing imagery. Didn’t quite trust walking under that knife!
Made me wonder how we inhabit our bodies, the ecology which are the consequences of removing body parts. Are we cutting away what defines our sexuality? I enjoyed the caring, workman like tenderness – made me think of women preparing bodies for funerals. 

Quite hypnotic and calming but also strange and slightly worrying or something I can’t really grasp. But I liked the strength of feeling that’s portrayed throughout. Continuation of life.

Hypnotic, beautiful, womb-like –
Bringing yourselves into being with breath and ivory breasts.
Thank you.

Intriguing. Felt everything. Essentially of the earth. Animalistic shamanic, of the essence.
Sensitive, caring, nurturing.

Wow! 48 hours!!

The structure looks like a coracle.

Coracle = vessel
Especially in Wales and Ireland — a small round boat made of wickerwork covered with a watertight material, propelled with a paddle.

The sounds remind me of underwater creatures.
Like you are deep underwater.

The structure looks like something from outer space.
And your costumes with hair also felt like space creatures.

You look like birds.

We are so grateful. We are all in awe of what you have created.

“Nest” means virgin or purity in Welsh.

I know I am invited to watch for as long as want, if I want.
It is a drama. The soundtrack is otherworldly. They are building their nest before us.
They are like two beings from outer space or from the future and their nest may be their vessel to get back home? I hope they are ok and that no harm comes to them.
They are vulnerable, seductive and scary, all in one. I hope they fulfill their mission. I want them to succeed.