Audience Feedback

by Richard Brook

The visual design of the performance immediately gave us a 3-dimensional experience. I felt as though I was lifted into the sphere of which I was at the center, like being inside a planetarium. As I watched the movement within the circles and the intersections of the two performers – I felt as though I was being transported from being in my seat as an audience member watching something in front of me, into the place of being surrounded by the performance. In this way I would describe the experience as 3D moving into 4D – as for me the actions of continuous circling allowed me to mentally transport myself to the center and then observe the performers in such a manner as if I was lying on the ground and watching the stars in a night sky playing in the infiniteness of the hemisphere. I believe that the concentration of the dual circular movements of the two performers, with changes in direction, allowed me to create a spherical vision.

I found the performance both stimulating and calming, with the sense of vigor that comes with new birth and creation. And each movement that was not circular stood as a point of "ah ha" – a place to breathe and then continue with the journey. The very opening I experienced as the initiation of existence – with the breaking of eggs and the flowing movements of the egg over the body – I felt the importance of knowing the we as humans have created so many eggs in our existence and we continue to do so. And I felt this passage from childhood through to the puberty of the human race, and into this moment now. It made me consider where we are now and what could be our direction into the future if we remain a self-driven humankind with self-interest. Or can we become a humankind of joint interest and creation? 1 plus 1 equals 3. Indeed, the volume and spherical nature of the performance gave a lasting and wonderful impression of spherical growth, expanding knowledge and direction, a birthing of social awareness and human desire for unconditional acceptance, respect and love for all humankind with gender being truly just one, in spirit, body and soul.