First sketches (towards a film) in collaboration with Antonio de la Fe, photography by Clelia Rinaldi.

The Story

We are under-cover angels. In the future. We are working after the apocalypse. We have been called to this kind of situation before, but this is the worst yet. We need to locate the soul bits – the long elastic light strands that got blown all around the place from the waves of explosion. We can see the soul bits with our glasses. We call them in with a special sound, a reverse whistle. We suck them in through our finger tips, and all the way up our arms, into our hearts. We collect them by whispering words. We bring them in with silver cleaning tools. We put them in the suitcase, and move on. We are always moving in relationship to a vanishing point. We travel from site to site, ongoing.

The Collaboration

I met with Antonio De la Fe in the autumn of 2016, first via Skype while I was in Canada, and later in person in London. We moved together in the studio at Chisenhale Dance Space, getting to know each other. The last 2 years of various meetings have led to these first sketches of After the End, taped and photographed on 2nd September 2018, London.


Hayward Gallery, London (Exterior)
Blackfriars Bridge Underpass, London (Exterior)
Tate Modern, London (Interior)

Text Inspiration

The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky
The Thunder, The Perfect Mind
– the Gnostic Library

Antonio de la Fe is a Spanish choreographer and performer based in London.
See some of Antonio’s work here : CrocodileMake Me CoolA Piece for Two: Lovers, Speculative Choreographies