This is the wave of the waxing light. Brigid, goddess of fire and inspiration, witness us as we grow again towards the warmth. This is the time of individuation. It is the time of initiation, the time when new seeds form that will later grow. May we stir awake new appreciation, love and patience for our changing selves and our changing world. Because there will be growing pains and challenges ahead, and there may be days when we are asked to wake in the dark and  stumble into the unknown. But indeed, the energy of this new year feels strong and positive. Oh, to be visible to oneself. To open and expose oneself to whatever may happen, with faith.

Ah! to experience and absorb this strong winter before it recedes. Now, to cross the lake with winter legs. The texture of the lake changes daily. Some days there are crusts of snow, and some days it is bumpy ice. Other days the ice sublimates with mystical aura. And still other days the rain smooths the surface. It all keeps changing, and it is a new world to skate or walk across this expanse that is water for most of the year, or at the height of summer, dry marsh! I am inspired by how landscapes can open the mind and imagination. I need all these seasons to develop my dimensions.

The performance work with Samantha Sweeting is growing, we shall perform for a 3-day duration just before the Spring Equinox. In the stone gallery of MOMA Machynlleth: a large tear shaped nest on the ground and a knife hangs suspended above. We spiral around the nest making actions to detoxify and release the old heart wounds. We activate yogic fire-breathing, we brush each other’s hair to sweep away old thought patterns, we drink milk to honour mother, and finally – we mould the left side in plaster, breast to hip, over and over – to transform, to heal, to create a new space for safe incubation. The nest is a result of catharsis. It exists as a vessel of initiation.

I fly to Wales very soon. I will be in residence there for 2 months. Meanwhile, here at William’s Lake in Nova Scotia the ice is still strong. I travel out onto the sun lake and look across the landscape that is moon-like, liberating. Tiny bubbles in the ice, cracks forming patterns, animal rocks nestling, trees gazing sleepily. Above, the sky is fierce with becoming. It is still the time to sleep deep into the long night, but the days are growing with vigour too. And I want to learn how to be free again and again.

Banner image by Hans Bellmer.