Summer is about deepening. Deepening into the heat, into the heart of things. Ripening, pulsing to extension.

I often sit in Soho Square, in the long late afternoon, end of the work day. I watch people sunning themselves, drinking, talking, smoking, laughing. The pungent smells of Soho, a hysteric tempo moving under the surface. It is somehow also, soothing.

I do not take this heat for granted, this seemingly endless sun blasting. Some people start to complain of the heat wave, after the earlier praise of the season when it was the best summer since 1976. I don’t complain. I surrender and thank the gods every morning, every day. I love this heat.

So, this is the last call to bump it up! Raise the octave as the zenith of summer is passing. But don’t think too much about that. Just jump into your life. Now.

I am teaching teenagers, pulling out all the stops, turning perspectives inside out. Boys on the cusp of manhood, from Poland, Italy, Germany. Young ladies from Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Russia and Saudi Arabia. I fall in love with each one. They are all so unique and beautiful. Soft, fragile, fierce and dangerously on the edge — cracking open, curious, tender, psychic, hungry, and miraculously grounded in this world.

The Crystal Generation. Apparently they have an emotional spiritual intelligence we didn’t have. Definitely I am witness to how vast the spectrum is between decades and generations, and yet — we are also, kindred. So I open myself to learn from them, as I give all I can. Some things I would never imagine or see, except through their eyes.

And meanwhile the angels say concentrate on sea waves moving in an out. As my heart beats. Little by little the morning air is turning cooler. The turning, the changing, the cycles. My skin thirsty and sun-drenched. This summer is the most intense.