I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point.

~ Lee Krasner

Lammas, Leo, the beginning of August. The time of the first harvest – we feel the fruition of the year, we gather in the fruits of our labour and of our love, savouring, relaxing into the journey, being grateful for all of it, all of it, all of it. The fullness and fulfillment of the present harvest already holds at its very heart the seed of all future harvest.

At this point I am in London, in the middle of the summer term of teaching teenagers from so many different worlds. We ride trains and walk along the riverbank, we squeeze through crowds, we move inside museums, we visit monuments, we play theatre games in the park grass, we laugh and plunge into adventure. My body is wired to inspire these young minds and bodies to stretch and wonder and behold and question and experiment and play and above all, to be creative and curious. I feel gratitude for summer, for this intense work, for growth. These amazing creatures teach me, and I give them my favourite things. I adore their bubbling chaotic messy timid ambitious loving movements.

I go to see Lee Krasner at Barbican numerous times. Milena and I go together one day, and it is this day that is particularly luminous. I land into Lee’s vibration. She opens doors onto vastness, she draws us into emotional journey; chaos, turbulence, and constant passion. Her work is embodied, so completely autobiographical, and at the same time through her integrity, through her dedication to her own authentic path and vision, she touches the universal spectrum, and we can all meet there. What we all have in common are the colours that describe emotional life, the capacity to align with our own truth, and an inherent desire to share and to be connected. Lee invites us into this place of meeting with ourselves, with the body, with the world. She claims and conquers and falls and cries, and I feel her and I am in love with artists who bring us back to the vastness and mystery and impossibility and dynamism and tragedy and insanity of this life, and who remind us that it is all beautiful in the sense that it is all part of who we are. There are no great solutions to the pain, there are no final endings to tie things up, there is just the ongoing pursuit of fulfillment.