Harvest – To reap, bring in, collect, receive.

As I land back in Nova Scotia night and day are again of equal length and in equilibrium – light and dark, masculine and feminine, inner and outer. We are at the cusp of transition, and from now the darkness will grow. It is an ideal moment to appreciate and integrate what has manifest over the last 6 months.

If summer is the party, then autumn has the glow of the after party. Savour this. And, it is hard to let go of summer. It is hard to let go of things we love, or have loved. We want to clutch them for longer. Emotion pulls and churns. Motion is needed as we transition. I cast a ritual space, a conscious process to absorb and respect growth and change, and trust that the body knows how to sift and digest experience. 

I swam in the sea and lake and lido almost every day this month, so far. Gift. Baking in the sun whenever possible. 10-20 minute spaces of gold light, my face like a sunflower, sucking in the last of the summer sun rays. But yes, the weather is changing. I feel the winds, strong, hurricane tails. And colder nights. 

I am considering the movement towards wholeness. I am considering the cycle of the wheel of the year, and repetition. Life and Death. The Spiral Dance. We are a moving composition. A composite of so many things. We need it all. We need the seasons, various rhythms, to process. We need change to grow. We need paradox to stay awake. It is glorious and it hurts like hell. What are the tools for making a symphony?

And I get frustrated. I want to get to the good stuff faster or more often. I want more peace. I want more excitement. I am impatient. I am an example of the impossible beautiful greedy human. I think about road rage. I am blown away, as I drive – so much is revealed to me when I am alone in my car. Within a few seconds the extreme can surface. See it, value the constant lessons. Sing in your vehicle!

We steal away the joy and nutrition of our own uniqueness if we wish or want to be more. Why would I wish to be other than I am? Ridiculous concept. Though god knows I wish to improve, and grow more rounded. Yes. Julia Cameron talks about looking for the things that are opportunities already present in our lives, keeping open to what is — instead of wasting energy wishing for things that haven’t happened.

As I desire to do only that which is good and constructive, life-giving and life-expressing, the Divine Abundance forever manifests in my endeavors. Therefore, I know that I shall prosper in everything I do. I know that I exist in limitless possibility and that the infinite Good is right where I am and active in my experience.
— Ernest Holmes

Happy Autumn Equinox! Fill the cornucopia with what you are now! Let us be grateful for what we have. And as we face the complex beautiful world of imperfection and impossible striving and infinite creation, let us go forward with grace — onwards!