Machynlleth Wales
May 2018

I have been working with the inspiration of the Dulas River, Afon Dulas (Welsh) near Machynlleth Wales. In Welsh the name means Blue-Black.

I am feeling into moon cycles and the changes that are happening deep inside my body. Sometimes subtle and lyrical, sometimes rushing fierce and overpowering. I have been listening to this river, touching it, diving into it, moving alongside it.

We also found the remains of an old lead works in the same region. The brutal architecture within the ancient, other-worldly landscape of Wales provides another site for this project.

Here are the first sketches of Moon River. I intend to build the work in layers, in collaboration with filmmaker Pete Telfer. It is a visual and sonic meditation that we intend to install in a gallery setting.

Photography and Moon River trailer by Pete Telfer.