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March 15 — March 17, 2019: A 48-hour Durational Performance

By Misha Horacek & Samantha Sweeting
Photography by Pete Telfer and Felix Cannadam
MOMA Machynlleth, Wales – part of the Culture Colony Interventions 2019.

Over this 48-hour period, two female bodies danced and vocalised through a cyclical score of lyrical gestures, disjointed movements, hysteric release, and stillness. This cathartic process explored life, death and the transformative labour of creation. 

Additional actions included constructing the nest skeleton, making multiple plaster casts of the left breast, stitching them to the fabric exterior, dowsing with heart strings, and sleeping. A knife hung suspended behind the nest.


Bamboo, willow, red fabric, thread, ribbon, yarn, needles, scissors, wool and foil blankets, slate from the River Dulas, bowls (plastic, ceramic, glass), Vaseline, red and white make-up, red paint, water, plaster.

Red rope, knife.

Looped soundtrack of breathing variations and hysteric vocalisations. 


The costume exposed the left breast and rib cage. A swathe of red fabric draped from the base of the throat round the right side of the body to the tail bone and extended along the floor. A mane of hair ran along the spine. 

Samantha Sweeting is a multi-media, performance and installation artist with a background in mental health work. Her practice draws upon personal and collective histories, with current research interests including dance, trauma, and notions of home and wilderness.

Misha and Samantha met in 2009 while on an art residency in a converted monastery in Italy.


Banner Image by Pete Telfer