The days get shorter and the nights extend. Extension towards darkness. I watch the moon grow orange and large as he rises above the lake in Nova Scotia. Venus, for the moment, is out of sight, as she changes her position from evening to morning star. She will reappear middle of November at the break of day. As she travels out of sight, she calls us to search deeper, to travel into the shadow zones, and to know more wholly the nature of our love and beauty.

This autumn has been rich and warm, and then suddenly wickedly challenging. I feel the shaking out of old structures and old ideas. Like the spring, the autumn is a season of transformation. It is the moment to clear and detox and cut off what is no longer serving. Each season requires something quite different. In the autumn we move from the sweetness of ripening and harvest from the summer, to the bones of dying. Things must die to change. It is the brutality and romance of Nature as she clears space, as we descend. But let us remember that the wheel is turning, and eventually the space created by death makes way for rebirth.

Recently a friend of mine died. As I experience the layers of grief, I wonder at how pain and change can also liberate us to see and live things differently. It takes great courage to dance, really dance with the process of letting go. Perhaps mercifully, death for my friend was swift and mostly unconscious. One moment he was painting, which he loved, and the next he had an attack and went under. There was no apparent struggle. But what does it require to stay conscious as we change during the smaller transitions (deaths) through-out our lives? Because we want to stay conscious, right? And certainly the less we hold or resist, the less we suffer. But, it is so human to want to hold onto things we know and love, even when the wheel of life urges us to move on. Sometimes it is hard to trust that we are evolving. And evolution means growth, and natural growth wants to move towards wholeness and creation. There are infinite possibilities in front of us. There is so much positive potential. But it takes huge faith to make the leap.

And - cherish everything, it is all passing. Nothing will ever be the same. And perhaps the beauty is in this. Would we live things and love things and risk things and dance in the same way if life would always be the same forever? To hold things, to control things, is to limit growth. So, may we have the courage to ask, what are the bones to keep (for now) and what is the stuff that needs to change form or fall away? Listen to what is. Now. And be gentle with your heart, too. Brave heart. Courage comes from Le Coeur.

I ask myself what is rooting and nourishing me, as I change and move forward? The answer is – key relationships. The relationships to people and to aspects of my life that allow for dynamic balance and growth and the possibility of new paradigms, that teach curiosity and flexibility, and that stimulate the evolution of love.

I am reading a book called Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown. And she talks about this – about how relationships are key to us moving forward in this complex world, with generative evolutionary inspirational momentum. She talks about how less is more. Go deeper and deeper with fewer things, rather than rushing and spreading wider to shallow surface. Choose the things that are important and dedicate your attention there. And ask how these key relationships can be vessels for transformation. Now, as we move towards the bottom of the year, less is more, as the wheel turns.

Breathe in what is important. Feel the root of your heart. Exhale what you don’t need. Repeat. Listen. Do it again with each breath you remember, with each day you cherish. This body. This life. There will be no other that is the same. In alchemy, to build up the diamond body, one must repeat the whole process of creation over and over. How beautiful.