In London on Thursday 21st of June, the sun will rise at 4:43 a.m. and it will set at 21:22. Summer Solstice, threshold to the sweet season.

It is a time to stretch and expand. It is a time to air out the dark bits and turn them around. It is time to raise the arms and laugh and yell out to the gods and stomp with joy, even on the hard days.

Summer is coming in. Plants and animals are reaching and touching and singing. I say, let us not hold anything inside as the summer unfurls. Let us spread it all out. All colors and types. All moods and thoughts. All new inventions and old ways. Crest a new prayer of thanks for Life at its peak.

I have been visiting with rivers — the River Dulas in Wales and the River Ouse in York, feeling into the flow, the pulse of change. There are things to heal and let go, and there are new stories that rumble to open. Onwards this movement of eternal cycles, circumventing an obstacle softening an edge, furling and unfurling, cresting falling - sculpting new shapes.

Where is your strength coming from? Where is the source? Bring gifts to the alter -- honey and bread and wine, hum with gratitude. Feed your belly and your heart during these months of warm air and warm earth. Dance. Eat lots of fruit. Watch the moons, listen to the earth.

I feel the throbbing of creation, of birthing, of love, of passion. There are places under the heat of sun to warm the bones and soothe the pain, and there are new vistas to behold and build with the expanse of light and star nights. The morning glistens with new space and dew. The evenings full of bird song. I am thinking about forgiveness and tolerance, trust and endurance. And how to run forth to make space for new dreams. Celebrate.

On a recent visit to Yorkshire, I felt the fruits of the earth doing secret things in the ground, now erupting with elegant chaos into the day opening. Rabbits nibble and jump. Cows lick the ears and backbones of baby ones. I walk in the fields of grass as the evening sun burns gold on buttercup heads. I watch fish jump to catch flies as the silky river moves, quiet like skin. Hours stretch out as June grows. May we cherish this summer, with all that it may bring. It is like no other one. Pause. Look again.